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This moment

Friday ritual …


This moment

Friday ritual

Stitching for decorative purposes

When I saw this post, I immediately fell in love with these oh so perfect letters. It made me want to do some embroidery right away. So I did. I started spelling out my favorite name. The blue is pretty much the color of his room.

After I was done with the letters, which came out a little more wonky than I had hoped, I wondered what I could do with this. I decided to put a few things on that represent some of Johann’s first words. Since I did not want to embroider all these items, I opted for appliqué. Stitching around those shapes was a lot of fun. I took it up here and there, put it down again and picked it up a couple of days later.

I went on and put in brackets how Johann pronounces his favorite words. How he says things changes so quickly, I figured it would be nice to have something that reminds me of his sweet baby talk. My husband wanted me to include a beaver because our son is kind of obsessed with them. That seemed too hard to appliqué and I did not want to cross stitch it, consistency, you know? So this is what it looks like now:

In case your baby German is rusty: nach = nass (wet), tutu = Auto (car), heich = heiß (hot), duckie = Ente (duckie), wauwi = Hund (dog), moir (my absolute favorite, it always cracked me up because it sounded so French) = Möhre (carot), bo = Boot (boat).

I really enjoyed doing this. I am sure there is some more embroidery in my near future, considering that I’ve won some very cool patterns.

I am still not sure where to hang it, since the room is barely furnished yet …

This moment

Friday ritual.


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