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Naptime crafting

The times when I was able to knit or sew several hours a day or even WHOLE days are definitely gone. I cannot believe that I was able to knit a hat in a day or a baby sweater in a few days. Now everything seems to take forever to finish. If I am only able to knit a few rows a day, I quickly lose my motivation. That is why I have been enjoying the almost instant results the sewing machine produces. A few weeks ago I always sat down and made a bag when Johann slept.

Grocery bags

I made these to take to the store. I have to try harder to bring them or not forget them in the car. One is already missing …

My bag

This one I made for myself. I usually put Johann’s stuff inside when we head out for the day. I love the fabric. It is a home decoration print from Joann’s. Meanwhile it looks pretty used. I threw it in the washing machine but it’s not much better.


This is the first thing I made on my new machine (a used Singer Quantum 9910 I found on Craigslist). I did not like how this bag came out. It was better when I added some yo-yos. I had never made them before but thanks to this great tutorial, it was very easy and fun!


I made up these bags as I went along. The construction of a pleated bag was a bit too much for me. It came out a little wonky. There are several yards of the brown fabric, which I found in a thrift store in Maine.


Johann finds bags that I take pictures of VERY fascinating!


I think I like this one best. It is a very simple design. White linen and blueish and brownish yo-yos. There were two more bags in the batch I made a few weeks ago, but I gave them away before taking a pic.

“Baby, I think you need to nap!” — I have to try out some of the amazing patterns from these two books:


At the moment, I am working on the Washington Square Vest. One row takes a LONG time. So I’ll probably blog about the finished piece in a year or so.




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