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:: Future Salad ::

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Last Sunday we decided to take a little trip over to Woodstock, Vermont. What a good decision it was. We had a really fine day! First we spent some time at VINS Nature Center, admiring a lot of beautiful birds, three baby ravens among them. The people there really do a wonderful job taking care of injured raptors. It was very educational. While this very knowledgable guy was showing us a barn owl, we could see a wild bald eagle circling high up in the air and a crow harassing him. Fascinating!

Afterwards we stopped at Quechee Gorge which is basically right next to VINS.

With the baby taking a nap and his daddy watching him, I was free to take a little walk through Woodstock, enjoying the sight of historic buildings and peeking into a few very nice shops.

I especially liked Noushka, a fabulous store offering all kinds of  Waldorf-style toys, books and art supplies. They also had very beautiful but crazy expensive organic baby clothes. I also could have spent a lot more time in a little store named Who is Sylvia. They offer very beautiful vintage clothes, linens, hats, gloves … I came home with a couple of very sweet hankies and some doilies that will probably decorate pillows or bags someday. The folksy linen towel came from the Antique Mall in Quechee.

A trip to Vermont is probably not complete without a little maple syrup and cheese … We did some sampling at Sugarbush Farm and added this to our pantry. There was more cheese – a very yummy sharp cheddar. Already gone!

Stitching for decorative purposes

When I saw this post, I immediately fell in love with these oh so perfect letters. It made me want to do some embroidery right away. So I did. I started spelling out my favorite name. The blue is pretty much the color of his room.

After I was done with the letters, which came out a little more wonky than I had hoped, I wondered what I could do with this. I decided to put a few things on that represent some of Johann’s first words. Since I did not want to embroider all these items, I opted for appliqué. Stitching around those shapes was a lot of fun. I took it up here and there, put it down again and picked it up a couple of days later.

I went on and put in brackets how Johann pronounces his favorite words. How he says things changes so quickly, I figured it would be nice to have something that reminds me of his sweet baby talk. My husband wanted me to include a beaver because our son is kind of obsessed with them. That seemed too hard to appliqué and I did not want to cross stitch it, consistency, you know? So this is what it looks like now:

In case your baby German is rusty: nach = nass (wet), tutu = Auto (car), heich = heiß (hot), duckie = Ente (duckie), wauwi = Hund (dog), moir (my absolute favorite, it always cracked me up because it sounded so French) = Möhre (carot), bo = Boot (boat).

I really enjoyed doing this. I am sure there is some more embroidery in my near future, considering that I’ve won some very cool patterns.

I am still not sure where to hang it, since the room is barely furnished yet …

New old shoes

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of burgundy red flats at Goodwill. They originally had two small tassels on each shoe but one was missing. See:

(Sorry about the sucky lighting in this one!)

So I tried to come up with a crafty way of sprucing these up a bit. I was thinking maybe fabric flowers? Or bows! So I chose a fabric, some velvet ribbon … Et voilà!

I am not really sure if this is not a tad too cute for my taste. But at the same time I somehow like it.

Time will tell how much wear these will get. If it is not enough to justify cluttering up my house, they can go back to Goodwill. Only a little prettier now.

Patchwork Style Totes

Making these bags from Patchwork Style was a lot of fun! Since I did not have the fancy leather handles in the book, I had to sew the handles.

blue squaresDSC_0054DSC_0058

Everything Tote

I have been sewing a few bags lately. Normally I just go ahead and sew them up as I go along without any pattern. This time I thought I might as well make something out of the beautiful books I had bought for this purpose. So I made the “Everything Tote” from Weekend Sewing. I am pretty pleased with how it came out. The bag holds a ton of stuff so I can use it when we head to the beach. It was fairly easy and quick although I had to figure out how to sew on the binding and handles myself. The pattern describes steps that would not end up in a binding and handles as seen in the pictures. The fabric is some kind of home decoration fabric, that I got at a sale at Jo-Ann’s for maybe 2 dollars. I love the raspberry color!

everything toteeverything tote 2DSC_0039

Hexagon love

At the summer sale at Keepsake Quilting I bought two little bags of reproduction fabric circles. After thinking about my possibilities, I decided against yo-yos and cut out hexagons. I am still surprised how much I enjoy sewing by hand.  I always carry a little ziploc bag with some hexagons with me now. To cut and make all the white ones will be pretty boring, I suppose, but the cheerful prints are a lot of fun to work with!


Once in a while I resist these little cuties and knit a few rows … Schottische Kilt Hose from Folk Socks. I have also been working on the vest again. I need to finish something, my Ravelry queue is awfully long!



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