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Fix-it Friday: Where I repair our digital kitchen scale

I instantly thought this was a GREAT idea! Although it gives me a lot of pleasure to repair things, I have not done it very often in the last years. In the house I grew up in, there was a lot of repairing being done. My dad is very good at this. He had a very messy garage. He fixed appliances, cars, toys, tools, you name it. Even today you find tiny screwdrivers lying around and parts of devices he is taking apart … I was able to bring my sewing machine to him for service. I miss that a lot, now that I live some 3700 miles away.

When I read about Fix-it Friday, I felt the urge to immediately look for something I could repair. Not difficult. A couple of weeks earlier my husband dropped our nice little kitchen scale and not surprisingly, it wasn’t working anymore. I already looked at kitchen scales at the store but didn’t like how they looked and how much they cost! Apart from that I really liked our old one because Christian’s grandparents gave it to us for our wedding 6.5 years ago.

The button doesn’t work. You can’t turn it on. The little display inside is loose.

How to get to the inside? No screws, but some strange slots where you can get the weighing tablet detached, after minutes of poking and prodding.


Due to crashing onto our stone floor the button inside did not line up with the button outside anymore. Fortunately, I don’t have to mess with the electronics!

It was very easy to put the panel back into the right place. But how exact will it measure??

Hmm. Was Green&Black generous?

And Dale of Norway not so much?

I think it works well enough for my purposes. I am very happy that I don’t have to buy a new one!! Figuring out how to open it up was well worth it.


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