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This moment

Friday ritual …


I have won something!!!

I was a very happy camper this morning when I found out that I won the giveaway on Soulemama! The prize is a $25 gift certificate for Follow the White Bunny, an etsy store that sells BEAUTIFUL hand embroidery patterns. I think the designs are so lovely! I especially love the Alphabet tree and the Princess and the pea design! What a nice Easter surprise!

I made an “Osterzopf” (Easter braid) this morning to take over to our friends’ house, where we were invited for a delicious lunch. I used this recipe and it came out pretty yummy.

There has been sewing, too …

After ordering a bunch of lovely fabrics last november and getting this lovely book as a gift from a dear friend I felt the urge to sew a thing or two.

Under the Christmas tree I found a gift certificate for this place and I can’t decide what to get. Fabric for a really big quilt? Some stash-enhancing pieces here and there? Oh, the possibilities …

Rainy June

A month of rain should mean that I got lots of knitting and sewing done. Nope, I was busy enjoying wonderful company! I was able to squeeze a little crafting in though.


The pics are pretty bad. The sun hardly ever came out. If it did, I forgot to take pictures. But I also NEED to learn to take better pictures!

My knitting has been very slow throughout the first half of this year. I finished a scarf that I still have to take pictures of. I started a pair of stockings. It is fun, but progress is very slow. I haven’t been working on the vest for a long time. I just finished browsing Ravelry a bit. Afterwards I always feel compelled to knit MORE. So tomorrow I want to get some serious knitting done.


It took me a long time to figure out whether I wanted to set up a new blog or not. Shouldn’t I use the little time I have to knit or sew instead? What if I wouldn’t be able to update my blog frequently? What then? Well, I concluded, then my non-existant audience would think I am a bad blogger. I decided that I could live with that.

Why don’t I start with some not particularly interesting, random facts about myself?

1. Some people here pronounce my name like an accusation: “You lie!”

2. I am a daydreamer.

3. I worry too much.

4. I try hard not too.

5. I am afraid and very suspicious of chemicals.

6. Did I tell you I worry a lot?

7. I am easily amused.

8. I go and research EVERYTHING on the internet. Especially baby products.

9. I struggle pronouncing “hazard” right. Always have the French version on my mind.

10. I love chocolate, cake and cookies. Lately I try to control my intake a bit.

11. I love watching documentaries. My husband finds them depressing. So I get depressed all by myself.

12. I have never been good at sports.

13. I have always enjoyed to make things. As a child I made books for my dolls. My dad found them and declared he wanted to keep them as a memory. I found that embarrassing.

14. Back in Germany I have been very reluctant when it came to driving. Over here I simply have to do it if I want to get around. Turns out I don’t mind it that much: Yay for automatic transmission!

15. I don’t like to have my picture taken. Since I had my baby I don’t hide that much anymore. I want him to know what I looked like when he was little.



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