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:: Future Salad ::

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Christmas Knitting

I was a busy, busy knitter last year. It was fun to think of patterns that I would enjoy knitting up and my friends and family might enjoy wearing …

After a pretty long break from my yarn and needles I am itching to get  back into it. Have to figure out what to make next!

Hexagon love

At the summer sale at Keepsake Quilting I bought two little bags of reproduction fabric circles. After thinking about my possibilities, I decided against yo-yos and cut out hexagons. I am still surprised how much I enjoy sewing by hand.  I always carry a little ziploc bag with some hexagons with me now. To cut and make all the white ones will be pretty boring, I suppose, but the cheerful prints are a lot of fun to work with!


Once in a while I resist these little cuties and knit a few rows … Schottische Kilt Hose from Folk Socks. I have also been working on the vest again. I need to finish something, my Ravelry queue is awfully long!


Shopping for yarn and fabric in NH

Margit and I decided to check out some yarn stores and drove north into the Lakes Region. It was a beautiful day. Fresh spring green everywhere. First we went to Lamb’s Ear Yarns, a little store with a focus on New England yarns. They had some very nice samples of Norwegian sweaters, socks and mittens. They also offer classes in this field. Our next stop was Patternworks and Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor. I found some great yarns (Green Mountain Spinnery and Koigu) in pretty colors at incredible prices. Some very light blue lace yarn also came home with me.

cotton comfortblue cotton comfortKoigualpaca lace

I could have spent a lot more time (and money) but Johann was not too patient with me and we wanted to take a look at Keepsake Quilting also. I have never seen so many gorgeous fabrics in one place before. The selection was really extraordinary. I just picked some colorful reproduction fabric scraps and quarters. I will go back soon with Mim for their summer sale. The husbands have to watch the babies while we shop!


On our way back to Manchester we stopped at The Elegant Ewe in Concord. I loved their selection and the beautiful samples they display in their store. Lots of ideas there! Very friendly staff also!

Naptime crafting

The times when I was able to knit or sew several hours a day or even WHOLE days are definitely gone. I cannot believe that I was able to knit a hat in a day or a baby sweater in a few days. Now everything seems to take forever to finish. If I am only able to knit a few rows a day, I quickly lose my motivation. That is why I have been enjoying the almost instant results the sewing machine produces. A few weeks ago I always sat down and made a bag when Johann slept.

Grocery bags

I made these to take to the store. I have to try harder to bring them or not forget them in the car. One is already missing …

My bag

This one I made for myself. I usually put Johann’s stuff inside when we head out for the day. I love the fabric. It is a home decoration print from Joann’s. Meanwhile it looks pretty used. I threw it in the washing machine but it’s not much better.


This is the first thing I made on my new machine (a used Singer Quantum 9910 I found on Craigslist). I did not like how this bag came out. It was better when I added some yo-yos. I had never made them before but thanks to this great tutorial, it was very easy and fun!


I made up these bags as I went along. The construction of a pleated bag was a bit too much for me. It came out a little wonky. There are several yards of the brown fabric, which I found in a thrift store in Maine.


Johann finds bags that I take pictures of VERY fascinating!


I think I like this one best. It is a very simple design. White linen and blueish and brownish yo-yos. There were two more bags in the batch I made a few weeks ago, but I gave them away before taking a pic.

“Baby, I think you need to nap!” — I have to try out some of the amazing patterns from these two books:


At the moment, I am working on the Washington Square Vest. One row takes a LONG time. So I’ll probably blog about the finished piece in a year or so.


Supply shopping in New York City

Purl Patchwork Storefront

We went to New York City for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I did not have time to check out a lot of yarn or fabric stores, but I was determined to pay purlsoho a visit. I have been an admirer of all the pretty projects on their blog for quite some time.  Both stores (purl and purl patchwork) are very tiny, but the way the products are displayed, is really inspiring. I could have spent hours looking at everything they have. I bought two skeins of Koigu for Muckla‘s birthday and four very pretty buttons for myself at purl. Then I went over to purl patchwork and chose a playful mushroom print for Ivalou and some florals and wool felt for my own stash. Afterwards we went to Once upon a tart, which is practically right next to the purl goodness, and I had a fabulous bell pepper tart. It was unbelievably good!

windowinside purl patchworkpurl patchwork

Earlier that day I had bought some ribbons at M&J Trimming on 6th Avenue. The selection was overwhelming. The staff on the other hand was rude. I witnessed how a manager abused a customer: “If you don’t learn that at your design school, I can’t help you! I can’t do your work for you … Be creative!” The customer left and the manager complained to another staff member about those people from fancy design schools. I hardly dared to bother them. And that is what they seemed to be: bothered. It was also a tad on the pricey side so I would not recommend this place.



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