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I have won something!!!

I was a very happy camper this morning when I found out that I won the giveaway on Soulemama! The prize is a $25 gift certificate for Follow the White Bunny, an etsy store that sells BEAUTIFUL hand embroidery patterns. I think the designs are so lovely! I especially love the Alphabet tree and the Princess and the pea design! What a nice Easter surprise!

I made an “Osterzopf” (Easter braid) this morning to take over to our friends’ house, where we were invited for a delicious lunch. I used this recipe and it came out pretty yummy.


This moment

Friday ritual.

New old shoes

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of burgundy red flats at Goodwill. They originally had two small tassels on each shoe but one was missing. See:

(Sorry about the sucky lighting in this one!)

So I tried to come up with a crafty way of sprucing these up a bit. I was thinking maybe fabric flowers? Or bows! So I chose a fabric, some velvet ribbon … Et voilà!

I am not really sure if this is not a tad too cute for my taste. But at the same time I somehow like it.

Time will tell how much wear these will get. If it is not enough to justify cluttering up my house, they can go back to Goodwill. Only a little prettier now.

This moment

Inspired by Soulemama’s Friday ritual.

There has been sewing, too …

After ordering a bunch of lovely fabrics last november and getting this lovely book as a gift from a dear friend I felt the urge to sew a thing or two.

Under the Christmas tree I found a gift certificate for this place and I can’t decide what to get. Fabric for a really big quilt? Some stash-enhancing pieces here and there? Oh, the possibilities …

Christmas Knitting

I was a busy, busy knitter last year. It was fun to think of patterns that I would enjoy knitting up and my friends and family might enjoy wearing …

After a pretty long break from my yarn and needles I am itching to get  back into it. Have to figure out what to make next!

Patchwork Style Totes

Making these bags from Patchwork Style was a lot of fun! Since I did not have the fancy leather handles in the book, I had to sew the handles.

blue squaresDSC_0054DSC_0058


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